flashmob media gangThe word “Flashmob” comes from Australia where it was used to named female prisoners of Tasmania. It is bizarre how this word evolved into the current meaning.

The flashmob definition that we know today was introduced in the dictionary only in recent years (2004) and it is described as “a group of people who arrange, by email or mobile phone, to come together in a place at the same time, do something funny or silly, and then leave”

Flashmob was meant to be a “social experiment” and it developed into commercial purposes.

The first flashmob was created in New York in 2003 at Macy’s department store. It took many attempts before to get it right but eventually it involved 200 people!

Since then flashmobs became more organized and structured.

Even if it looks a random activity from random people, it is not exactly as it seems to be. It requires good organization and mainly three types of participants:

– Flashmobbers

– Art performers

– Audience

All these subjects have a specific reason to be there and they are equally important.

Normally flashmobs involve a consistent number of people. Some of them are people looking to be part of a flashmob just to have fun. They keep themselves up to date through different flashmob’s websites. When the flashmob is announced, they decide to take part. An email with instructions is sent out and the flashmobbers take part to the event.

A part from those “random people” normally there are some art performers such as dancers or actors. They are the leads in this “short-film”. They are normally the first and the last   to appear in the entire flashmob performance.

It is important to make sure there is an audience to witness  the event. In fact they will be the best channel to spread the word. Who can say: “I was there! I have experienced that!” This audience will be your workers. They will do the job for you taking pictures, video and talking about what they have seen.

Flashmobs are getting so popular that they are used also for private purpose. For example we receive many enquiries for weddings or proposals! Those who experienced the flashmob, they are definitely more likely to become your new or loyal customers.

If you are interested to know more about flashmobs, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@mediagang.co.uk or visit our website and we will be happy to discuss with you possible ideas.