guerrilla marketing If you haven’t considered Non-conventional marketing before, I would like to draw your attention some of the reasons why you should start to take it into consideration.

1. Non-conventional marketing grabs the attention: it could be something funny or beautiful or weird or disgusting. It doesn’t matter because it does take people’s attention. People notice the activity, look at it and eventually remember it.

2. Non-conventional marketing is emotional: even if people feel disgust or happiness, non-conventional marketing gives emotions. People not only look at the advert but they will also have an opinion about it. It is something that doesn’t only pass through their eyes passively. It is something people watch and judge.

3. The Audience will spread the word: as I have mentioned people watch and judge the advert so they will also talk about it. When someone recommends something, we are more likely to have a look at it. All of us are curious to see what the other person saw.

4. From outdoor to viral: non-conventional marketing is normally outdoor. it is incredible as an outdoor campaign can spread so quickly and can be seen also online and on TV. It often happens that we can find a video on YouTube about something that just happened few seconds before. Non-conventional marketing campaign is able to do its own PR activity. People that were attending they will probably talk about it, take videos, publishing updates or photos on social medias. Using one marketing channel you will be able to use other marketing channels at the same time. And for free!

5. Non-conventional marketing is innovative: it is something original, that you have never seen before. Every non-conventional marketing campaign is different from the others.

6.The campaign will be associated to your brand: if you do something that really stands out, that particular activity will be associated with your brand. For example if I say “a car with your product on the top” you will think: “Like Red Bull did”!

7. The consumer will “touch with his hands” your product: non-conventional marketing gives you the opportunity to show how your product works, how it is made, how big or small it is. you can also recreate an user experience for instance a software, a video game or pc experience.

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