suspenseWhen we launch a new product or when we would like to increase the awareness of an existing product or brand, we need to choose the best way to do so.

There are many mediums to take into consideration. Many approaches, many way to communicate the same message. What is the winning way?

People are exposed to a lot of advertising every day through many different channels: by post, by email, over the phone. It is not surprising that in many occasions advertising is considered annoying.

People though, recognize and reward a good and enjoyable advert or commercial. I think there are some key winning factors in a good advert. One of the key criteria is suspense!

Most of the people have a routine every week. Every day is the same as the next. Although this routine makes most of us feel safe, it is also very boring. We look for surprises,  we look for suspense.

Give people what they are looking for! Give them suspense. A little basic trick: don’t throw flyers into household post boxes but instead leave an envelope with a message inside.

I would like to look forward though, and find something less boring to advertise your products.

I would like to think something would make me wonder what it is. Sometimes the simplest and most traditional ways are actually the most efficient.

Just imagine if you found a little envelope on your car, or on the door mat when you come back home. First thing you will think is that it is for you! And it must to be a surprise! Suspense.. Open the envelope.. suspense.. “I would like to wish you a wonderful day ” mmm.. smile.. Thanks.. and on the back “ah, it is an advert”. But that advert made you be in suspense and smile! And come on.. it was a nice thought. So you will give it a shot and you will at least check the website out.

Well, it was simple but it worked!

Another idea comes from a Spanish campaign where some love letters were sent out, signed by an anonymous. A second letter one week after was revealing the mysterious lover: it was just advertising! But those women will never forget that letter and consequently that brand.

Advertising is communication. When you advertise, think how you would like your lover communicate to you.

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