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The Power of 3d Street Art

Anamorphic pavement art surprises and delights.

3D pavement chalk art is popular with big brand advertisers because they create a memorable impression.

They can provide the focus for a publicity event and an opportunity to engage with the public.

The chalk images live longer than the event, people can’t resist taking photos and sharing them with friends, so the promotion lives on through the internet and gets your brand into the social media sites.

Understanding 3d Street Art Images

The anamorphic “wow” factor is created by the perceived height or depth of the image. The greater the height or depth, then the bigger the artwork required. The impact of the image can only be experienced from a single focal point, from others angles the drawing will appear distorted.

3d Street Art Key Facts:

  • Target specific locations
  • Compelling viewing
  • Engaging and photogenic
  • Images shared across the Internet.

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Case Studies

Cravendale 3D Street Art

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