Advertising Blimps

Take over the skies with our customizable flying blimps.

A blimp in the sky is a rare site these days and as a result it commands people’s attention. Originally designed in 1885 when the first ‘ballon’ crossed the English Channel from France.

Blimps are suitable to increase brand awareness.  You can use them at indoor and outdoor events

  • Trade fairs
  • Music festivals
  • Sports events
  • Shopping centre car parks

The Blimp can be designed with your logo and is easy to deflate and transport to other locations for reuse.


Blimps can be flown in many locations depending on regulations which we can guide you through.

Key Facts:

  • Reaches target audience
  • Customizable design
  • Different shapes, sizes and colors
  • Use in most locations
  • Affordable and reusable
  • Unique and hard to ignore


To get your own advertising blimp or to hire a blimp, please get in contact.