Legal Flyposting

Full size posters in fantastic city center locations at unbeatable prices.

Councils realised that they could save thousands by creating authorised poster sites in our city centers. This means that you can now advertise at massively reduced prices compared with traditional billboard prices.  It’s a win / win situation.

For the councils:

  • The streets look cleaner
  • Its saves money on policing and provides a revenue stream for the council

For advertisers:

  • It’s a great way of promoting local events and services to target audiences
  • Hugely affordable
  • Fair exposure across the cities


Authorised fly posting sites exist in the many cities: London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh

Key Facts :

  • Locations suitable for target audience
  • Customised design for your campaign
  • We print your campaign.
  • Around 150 locations per city covered for 2 week period
  • Fast turnaround time and availability.
  • Very affordable.

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