Reverse Graffiti Advertising

Reverse Graffiti, a natural, temporary advertising solution boasting green credentials.

Reverse Graffiti › application of advertising messages on street pavements with a stencil and pressure washer to leave a reverse, clean impression. Also known as green or clean graffiti.

  • Attention grabbing advertising through its unique application
  • Eco friendly advertising with minimal use of resources
  • Reach your specific demographic directly through targeted locations
  • Cost effective way to gain exposure in high-footfall areas

Ideal for…

  • promoting event or shop opening.
  • directing people to a specific venue.
  • raising brand awareness.
  • public awareness messages/campaigns.
  • companies with strong ethical and environmental policies.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Clean Advertising, you can rest assured that we will deliver the best possible clean advertising campaign for you or your client.

Case Studies

Clean Advertising for Elle Magazine
Clean Advertising for Clarks Shoes
Reverse Graffiti in Belfast
Reverse Graffiti in London
Reverse Graffiti in Manchester
Green Graffiti in Newcastle
Clean Graffiti in Portsmouth
Clean Graffiti in Sheffield

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