3D artworks

3D, anamorphic, illusion artworks never fail to delight

The impact of the image can only be experienced from a single focal point, from others angles the drawing will appear distorted. Our 3D artworks provide the focus for a publicity event and an opportunity to engage with the public.

Illusion art can also be created as a mural on walls. Our talented artist can conjure up these illusions on multiple surfaces to create the illusion of 3D objects standing proud in space, as seen in the photos, and in the timelapse video below.

Check out our blogpost on the history of anamorphic images to discover more about how they work and how they can be an effective marketing tool. 


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Timelapse video of a 3D illusion painting

This was a commission from the World Health Organisation to warn people when travelling about the dangers of mosquitoes and malaria in certain countries.