We work with some of the worlds best street and graffiti artists to deliver stunning art based campaigns.

From performance painting at events to murals in offices, we offer a variety of service types to suit any campaign or PR stunt. 


artwork services

3D shark art

3D pavement and floor art 

Anamorphic pavement art surprises and delights. The impact of the image can only be experienced from a single focal point, from others angles the drawing will appear distorted. Our 3D artworks provide the focus for a publicity event and an opportunity to engage with the public.

2015-08-16 13.07.02.jpg

Street art

We work with some of the worlds best graffiti artists to create incredible artworks including:

  • Performance painting at events, PR Stunts or street murals (as above for the movie "Sinister II")

  • Offices, shops, bars, clubs

  • On film sets, photography backdrops, outdoor banners

  • Vehicles, trailers, garage gates and roller shutters.


handpainted billboards

We are bringing Hand Painted Billboards back – bigger, better, quicker and more dramatic than ever.

Murals can work in spaces that other advertising medium can’t reach. Like the side of uneven building, inside parking garages and as in Lisbon (shown above), in tunnels leading to football grounds which will be seen by over 50,000 fans a week during the football season.


Jet-washed reverse graffiti

Using professional jet-washing equipment and stencils we create beautiful street art on walls and pavements. 

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Illusion art at Shell

3d and illusion wall art

Illusion art can also be created as a mural on walls. Our talented artist can conjure up these illusions on multiple surfaces to create the illusion of 3D objects standing proud in space, as seen in the photo above.  


field and arial art

Seeing a massive piece of field art is truly impressive. We’ve completed a number of Aerial Art projects for sporting events to be captured by the
passing helicopters and beamed into TV sets around the world. We can accurately recreate logos and text to the centimetre and we use biodegradable paints to reduce the environmental impact. 


More info

If you would like more information on any of our artwork service, or would like to commission one of our artists, please contact us to discuss your idea with one of our team.



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